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Online Services

Online counselling is a convenient way of accessing the support you need, at a time and place to suit you.

Online counselling is provided via video (Zoom platform). Some clients prefer to meet in person first before working online, whilst others prefer to make arrangements solely online. Either is possible, the most important thing, is that you feel confident and comfortable about how you will work together with your counsellor. The same levels of confidentiality are offered so you can be assured that whether you meet in-person or online the same level of care is provided.

There are many advantages and certainly if you feel comfortable sending emails, enjoy Facebook or use Skype then accessing counselling online could be for you. 

  • No need to travel

  • No car parking fees

  • Any location

  • Online counselling works particularly well for people who:

  • Have busy schedules, making travel to see a counsellor a challenge.

  • Are housebound or are physically challenged, that makes it difficult to travel.

  • Travel often and would like to keep continuity.

  • Want to see an expert that is not available in their area.

  • Feel less inhibited communicating by email/video than being face-to-face.

  • Enjoy working from their laptop and feel comfortable communicating online e.g. Facebook; Skype;Instant Messaging.

There are some disadvantages to accessing counselling online and it’s important to be aware of those too, so you can make an informed choice as to whether you’re happy to work online.

  • Does not work well with crisis or emergencies.

  • Does not work well with serious emotional, physical or legal problems.

  • Technical problems with computer/laptop that can interrupt the counselling process.

  • Issues of confidentiality if using a computer in a public place.


We conduct many of our relationships online and we naturally interact with friends and even strangers through a variety of social media. So accessing counselling online is fast becoming a natural thing to do with the development of online security and increased access to the internet for people across the globe. 

Next Steps

Before we get started it's important to ensure if you are engaging in online therapy that you have the same level of confidentiality as if you were visiting me in my consultation room. Often online we can be quite relaxed about what we share but when it comes to personal information, it's something we take seriously. So please do take a few moments to read through our informed consent and privacy policy before you contact either Lorraine or Claudia.

A Few Questions: 

  • Are you using a work/public or shared computer/laptop? Please be aware that IT techs at your workplace can monitor the emails you send and sites that you visit. Before contacting me please check your online security, to ensure your privacy.

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